JFSEM product series consists of texturizing systems that provide functional solutions for dairy and food applications.

The crude materials used in the manufacture are carefully selected, collected, processed and formulated to create most suitable blends for numerous applications.

Besides a broad range of products in the portfolio, tailor-made products and services are also provided for customers’ particular needs.

Having the extensive product portfolio facilitates to find an appropriate solution to any issue associated with textural parameters such as hardness, softness, stickiness, gumminess, consistency, viscosity and so on. A predominant one of the leading advantages of the products series is being more cost effective than the alternatives.

Regarding any request for application service, of course, one of the services on-site application assistance, is at customers’ disposal depending on the mutual discussions, so well-educated and experienced technical team is pleased to be of service.

JFSEM Series


JFSEM 103 Yogurt & Yogurt drink
JFSEM 104 Ayran and Drinkable Fermented Milk-Product, Yogurt Drink, Set and Stirred yogurt, Beverage
JFSEM 105 Uht Coffee drinks
JFSEM 106 Set yogurt, Stirred yogurt
JFSEM 108 Milk dessert
JFSEM 109 Cold glaze
JFSEM WP 300 Whipped cream
JFSEM MS 500 Milkshake
JFSEM BC 304 Breakfast cream
JFSEM KS Cream, Kaymak